Hi! I'm Jessie.

Hang on, let me go switch out the next load of laundry...

Okay, I'm back. 


If you are looking for...


Sorry, the baby's crying, give me a sec...


...If you are looking for inspiration and motivation...


"Guys! Quit throwing those pillows!"


...inspiration and encouragement as you live out your...


"Outside, everyone outside. Run five laps!"


...as you live out your dreams of discovery and adventure...


"Aww, you got an owie? Let me kiss it. You want me to read you a story? 

Okay, just one second."


Darn it, out of time. If anyone knows what that's like, it's you. My house with five kids in the balmy deep south is noisy, messy and there's always movement, and that's why I come here; in order to catch a fistful of these moments as they whir by, then open my hand to quietly view them in all their exquisite detail. When your own home-grown roller coaster slows down for a minute, pop in for a visit and let's compare notes on purposeful happiness, happenstance learning, and building an unforgettable life out of ordinary moments. 


"Alright, which story should we read?..."







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