I've waited a long time for this. And it's better than I ever imagined.

I love that you are a girl. And that you are mine. 

I love the velvet of your head. I must kiss it a hundred times a day. I cup my hand around the crown of your head and close my eyes, and I remember that I loved doing this when you were inside me, too. Loved to cup that little head that kept nudging my ribs. 

I love the weight of you. I'm surprised every time I lift you that you are not the float-away lightness of my childhood baby dolls. I love to try to fit my thumb and forefinger around your thigh, and to find that my fingers don't meet. 

I love the way your fingers dig into my hair and how you pull my face close to yours when you are tired and want to suck your thumb, but part of your ritual in getting there is that you have to be able to have your nose squished into my face. 

I love the way that you sometimes look at me when you are perched on my hip. You are looking all around the room and suddenly, your gaze wanders to me and you get the most surprised look on your face. Like:

“You again? What are the odds?”

...and then you melt in that smile that happens with your entire body. 

I love how you blow raspberries when you're starting to get upset. 

I love how, as soon as I put the frilly skirt on you, you pull it up and try to eat it. 

Don't you know how long I've waited for this? And you're even better than I ever imagined!



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