Sunday Sweep - Captain Cook: The Man Behind the Legend,

Time for the Sunday Sweep! Favorite resources that fueled our curiosity this past week.

Documentary of the Week: BBC Timewatch - Captain Cook: The Man Behind the Legend

If there ever was a character to capture my boys' imagination - it's Captain Cook. Explorer extraordinaire who developed such accurate cartographic methods that his maps were still used a hundred years after his death, forward-thinking seaman who guarded his crew from scurvy thanks to copious doses of sauerkraut, and ultimately, a man pushed to the psychological brink. This documentary gave a great overview. We thoroughly enjoyed it. You can watch the whole thing on YouTube.

Game of the Week: Fraction Formula

This was our go-to game this week when we needed something to satisfy everyone - from the eleven-year-old Blue to eighteen-month-old Sparkle. The challenge is to get as close to ONE as you draw fraction cards and slide the pieces into your beaker. Or, if you're Sparkle, the challenge is to just get the pieces into beaker. :)

Bonus Awesomeness: Crystal Mining Kit

This. Was. Amazing. Continuing on our exploration of the elements, I ordered two of these and it provided literally hours of busy discovery. What started as a boring-looking piece of gypsum gave way to the kids' tap-tap-tapping of the accompanying hammer and chisel. The boys were exceptionally quiet during read-aloud time thanks to this hands-on-project. I'm on the look out for similar projects!

Don't forget to peek at my Instagram to see what awesome books we enjoyed this week. Got a favorite resource that fueled your curiosity this week? Leave a comment and point me in the right direction!

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