Sunday Sweep - Nova: Hunting the Elements, Science Ninjas: Valence, Memorize Academy: Periodic Table

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Time for the Sunday Sweep! Favorite resources that fueled our curiosity this past week.

Documentary of the Week: Nova Season 8: Hunting the Elements

We've jumped head-first into the periodic table this week. And if there was ever a way to spark unquenchable curiosity over the building blocks of the universe, it's THIS documentary! There were sections that we watched and re-watched just because of the coolness factor. From watching watching current gold mining and refining, to getting a glimpse into a super-powered microscope that can actually see atoms forming into grids - fascinating and mind-blowing! Check out the trailer below.

*You can watch the entire documentary on YouTube, but it is very low resolution. You can also purchase the a digital copy of the individual episode on Amazon. Look in season 8.

Game of the Week: Science Ninjas: Valence Card Game

Since we're on an elements kick, why not pull out a supporting game! This is super simple, quick to play, and the illustrations are - frankly - adorable. Check out the game play video below and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Bonus Awesomeness: Memorize Academy: Periodic Table

Okay, okay, you convinced me: we'll stick with the periodic table goodies. My young kids are more than happy to undertake the challenge of memorizing the elements when it involves watching memorable videos like these. It's free to learn the first twenty elements. We're taking it five per week so that we can explore one element a day. If it goes well, I'll certainly be purchasing the entire course ($27...can't go wrong).

Don't forget to peek at my Instagram to see what awesome books we enjoyed this week. Got a favorite resource that fueled your curiosity this week? Leave a comment and point me in the right direction!

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